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Can We Move To The Other Side Of The World?

There is nothing more important to me than what I share with you as my reader, friend or fan and that's why I would need you to join me at the other side of the world as I seek to enhance this relationship.Earlier this year, I did promise to work on this relationship, deepen the bond that we share and be more interactive with you. In order to fulfill this; I've decided to move my blog to Wordpress - where I believe is more convenient for the development of what we share and for giving you an ideal reading experience.Thus, even though this address is still active and the this blog won't be deleted, I won't be posting new writings here anymore. My old writings can be accessed right here as well as my information on this blog.However, I have moved my contents to my new blog - meaning the new one is still that same old blog on a different blogging site. Click here to visit our new blog. I can still be reached via the following:Blog:
Email: rach…
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Story: Cupcake Or Sandwich?

It was Friday and the final day of the fifth edition of the annual  Girls Who Love Tech Camp. Mimi and Naa Lamiley moved swiftly towards the dinning hall, teasing each other as they've always done anytime they had the opportunity to eat together since primary six school days.Mimi and Naa Lamiley have been friends since childhood and their friendship has grown over the years as they naturally vibe, have got so much in common, and stick together no matter what.As they joined the other girls; Jemmy, Larisa, Nana Akua, Ini,  Naa Anyorkor and Joy, at table three and patiently wait for their last desert at the camp, they were intrigued by what the six others were talking about - their experiences so far and how they intend making lives better in their various communities using the knowledge they've gained.The five days camp which was held purposely to ignite the love for technology of the participants and develop their technological skills, have seen the girls build healthy relation…

God Is Waiting For A Call

"Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. ” - Matthew 11:28Earlier this afternoon, a friend was talking to me about how problems can make the heart very heavy and its consequences, when all of a sudden,  I started pondering over the many times I had felt it too. So after we were done talking,  I posted "heavy heart" on my status.Instantly, Thelma replied my status and it states, "God is waiting for a call". Her message did hit me really hard; so hard that I was reminded of the many times God had requested of us to call Him and all the promises He's made in His word. I was even reminded of the many times I called on Him with my heavy heart and He gave me peace. Most important, I became aware of the fact that even at my present situation (not heavy in heart necessarily), I need to call Him.You see; sometimes, as humans, we feel some heaviness in our heart, come face to face with a plight or we feel like we are drowning …

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